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To date New Noise has recorded two albums, each including repertoire by Simon Holt and Nigel Osborne, plus a collection of works commissioned by the duo.

new noise : insomniac New Noise: Insomniac
June 30 2003
NNL Records
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£10.00 inc. P&P
approx. €14.51
$18.72 USD
  New Noise: Frozen River Flows
CD: CC2021
September 1 2010
Oboe Classics
£10.00 inc. P&P
approx. €14.51
$18.72 USD

September 2010 - New Album, Frozen River Flows

Fozen River Flows includes recently commissioned work in Nigel Osborne's Journey to the End of the Night, depicting the aftermath of a debauched night in Paris, Adrian Lee's Peace for Vayu, a haunting Indian-inspired meditation, Howard Skempton's starry Random Girl, seven diverse Bagatelles from George Nicholson and Dobrinka Tabakova's Frozen River Flows where stillness and movement interrelate.  Works by Simon Holt and Iannis Xenakis - Dmaathen (1976), the piece that fathered this duo - complete the disc.


"...two excellent players..."
The Wire

"... these players have hot talent and guts.
I look forward to more from new noise..."

The Times

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